What makes Stun Gun batons so effective?


Stun Gun Baton or electric baton, whatever name you use for them, you must have seen policemen, security guards and military personnel using them for years now. These are electro-convulsive devices which disables the muscles when touched and thus a good self-defense weapon. Presently, Stun gun batons are becoming popular among common man like you and me as it is a good device for self-defense.

What makes the Stun Gun batons so effective?

There are various causes that make Stun Gun batons so effective and they are

Stun Gun Batons sends a very high voltage and low amperage to the nervous system of the target thus incapacitating the target.

The potential range of these weapons is from 300,000 V to 4.5 million V. the range varies with the model of the batons, but generally they are at least of 500,000 to 800,000 V. by using ones with extra power, you can keep the attacker at  a distance from you.

Apart from this, Stun Gun Batons are very useful in saving you from attack of any wildlife animal too. With their elongated range you can target them from a distance thus saving your hands and arms from the attack of their teeth or nails.

The Stun Gun batons are available in various lengths and they have a feature like high DB alarm and built-in stun batonsflashlight. You will get the option to choose from a wide range of choice that includes expandable baton to provide elongated reach, built-in flash lights, disable safety pins, audible sirens. You can also retract them when not using it so that it becomes easier to carry them.

At any standard stun gun baton you will find 2 metal probes on the baton tip. From that it discharges electric current. When an attacker is touched by this end of the baton they will be disabled. Because of this electric current, the attacker will stop moving temporarily and get stunned. Also it is impossible for the attacker to take the baton from you as the surface area of the shocks extends only up to few inches from the tip.

Where can you carry the Stun Gun baton?

The places to carry the stun Gun Baton are the upper area of the hip, the top of the shoulders and just below your rib cage. These places are where the nerve centers are located and hence it’s best to attack there. However, with that it must be mentioned that a Stun Gun baton will be effective at any part of the body.

While you decide to buy a Stun gun for self-defense look for the Stun master Gun baton as they are the leader in this industry since 1994. They are just not reliable self-defense weapon but are reliable too. To support this statement you will find that more and more people are using Stun Master than any other stun Gun.

Before you buy  a Stun Gun you need to check out whether it is legal to carry a stun gun in your local area or not. There are few states that do not allows stun guns, thus check out first. Once you know that it’s legal to use a Stun Gun baton in your area, and then what are you waiting for? Buy one.

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