Vipertek VTS-880B V Mini Stun Gun Rechargeable Review

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4.4/5 on May 16, 2016

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1,329 reviews


  • The best side of having the stun gun is the compact small design making it easily mobile
  • Easy operability and indicator light to indicate that the battery is charged
  • A nylon holster to make carrying easy in belts or arms etc
  • LED light for high power illumination as a torch
  • High shock giving capacity to stun away the attacker after creating loud scary sound
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • Lack of lifetime warranty on the product which many other devices comes with
  • Anti snatching mechanism is needed


One of the good things about the Vipertek VTS-880B V Mini Stun Gun Rechargeable with LED Flashlight, is that, being small and compact, its priced low. Hence, you can get it at a small price of just $17. The loud sound is quite audible and scary enough. The bolt tested by many users has been reported to be quite paralyzing. The LED flash light is an added feature. The nylon holster makes it even easier to carry. Thus, it’ a nice value for money.

The Vipertek VTS-880B V Mini Stun Gun Rechargeable with LED Flashlight is a black mini taser with all the good things to make it a portable and nice self defense tool or weapon. The stun gun has all the basic amenities to perform for your defense, and here is a quick tour through the features and a short review.

Features of the Vipertek VTS-880B V Mini Stun Gun

The features include the follows:

  • The piece is quite small and pretty portable and can be carried anywhere easily in bags and pockets
  • LED light to make it a torch when not in defense use
  • Rechargeable battery to make battery usage inexpensive
  • Small design and black color makes it easy to hide anywhere
  • Contains a holster for easy carrying

Product Description

The Vipertek VTS-880B is one of the few powerful mini stun guns which is a must have when you are equipping yourself for the basic self defense. The stun gun is contains a holster for easy carrying while you attach it with your belt etc. the small and compact design, and the black color are added advantages for camouflaging the gun.

The operation is pretty easy. As the gun is fired in the air, the bolt of electricity pulsates between the test prongs thus creating a loud sound. This sound is a scary one, and can make the intentions of the attacker weak easily. If the attacker still proceeds, then a stroke of the gun is enough to bring him down to the knees. This functions by giving a strong jolt of electric current to the touched body part, thereby weakening the nerve impulses which communicates between the muscles and the brain. This way the muscles and brain functions are disoriented for some time, thus creating totally body imbalance and mental confusion. This is why the attacker is brought down to the knees and become immobile for sometime.

An LED flash light makes the device usable as a torch too, and the battery is rechargeable, thus minimizing the cost of recharges.

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