TASER Pulse Electroshock Weapon

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3.3/5 on June 1, 2016

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There are several benefits in owning the Taser Pulse. First of all, the device is very easy to use. You can use it across different situations and all conditions. Light or dark, the Taser Pulse works well in all conditions. Also, you can fire from a distance of 15 feet and mobilize the attacker for 30 seconds. Indeed, it is a wonderful device for women.


However, the Taser Pulse is sold at a hefty price of 400 USD. It is considered as pricey by many buyers. Also, the device has to be ordered ahead of time. Some states have special restrictions on how the device is sold. This means, you should walk through the state’s local rules and regulations to understand more on how the device can be used.


On the whole Taser Pulse is a great device for citizens. It is an easy to use device that can give you ample time to run or get help during a difficult situation

Are you looking for a TASER® that can keep you safe and sound at all times? Do you want a stylish device to combat aggressive people? If you are looking for a self-defense tool, Taser Pulse is an ultimate option for you. It is lethal and not dangerous for public usage. When compared against concealed firearm devices, the Taser Pulse is simple amazing. The new Taser looks like a handgun with a discreet look! The handgun comprises of a lightning bolt in the front and a bright yellow trim. Taser Pulse is the first taser for commoners since early 2007.

Product Description

If you take a quick look at the Taser Pulse, you will find it very compact and simple. Ideally, the device was designed for self-defense and for women. It was officially showcased as a part of the SHOT show in Vegas. The founder of Taser Pulse claims that it has sold several million pieces of the device to commoners. CEO Rick Smith finds the idea of owning a Taser Pulse appropriate and useful for women. When it comes to size, the Taser Pulse measures 5.25 x 4.5 x 1.125 inches. It can be used to cover a distance of 15 feet. The yellow trim helps people identify the taser easily. The device is designed with several safety levers that can help you carry it around effortlessly. For example, it has a special trigger guard to assist you with how the Pulse is used to fire. Aiming has become extremely easy with the Taser Pulse. This can be attributed to its contrast colored front sight. The sights are neatly sloped and ironed. The slope prevents the device from being snapped. If you are not great in aiming, Taser Pulse’s target acquisition option will help you. Target Acquisition is a laser assisted feature to help novice firemen. The Taser Pulse is designed to produce its outputs in 30 second bursts. Also, its LED light will help you fire in dark environments.

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