A lot of people wonder if they should go for a stun gun or a Taser. These are powerful devices for defense and combating violent people. If you don’t want to injure anyone permanently, the stun gun and TASER® device will be a great pick for you. Conversely, the battle “stun gun vs Taser” has been around for quite some time. With this being said, here are few points to help you decide from the stun gun versus TASER®.

In general, you can use the stun gun without any license or permissions. There are few stun gun regulations in different states and municipalities. These regulations tend to differ from one region to another. However, the stun gun laws are very simple and straightforward in most cases. There are several reasons behind the fame of stun guns.

Stun Gun Vs TASER®: Design

Stun guns are designed with lots of care and concern. The protective device comes in an interesting range of sizes.stun gun vs Taser You will be astonished to note that stun guns can surprise existing perpetrators. There are some stun gun models that are as small as a pack of cigars but capable of popping a million volt. Conversely, the device is sold at different prices. You will always come across a model that fits within your budget. To add more glamour and panache to the device, stun guns are sold in fancy shades like red, pink and silver. These shades make the protective device look very fashionable but functional.

Stun Gun Vs TASER®: Flow of Current

A lot of people believe that electric current can disrupt the body’s basic functionalities. This is true if you plan to stick your finger into a plug or expose yourself to lightning. The current produced by simple devices like the stun gun cannot cause much damage in your body. The lethal device works by disrupting information that gets transmitted between the nerves and the brain. Usually, the stun gun is pressed against the attacker’s body. This is when current flows through the clothing and reaches the skin. This shock can stop the person from doing anything. The charge confuses the nerves by mixing signals from the stun gun and the brain. Scientifically, this is known as “random noise”.

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Stun Gun Vs TASER®: Distance

The TASER® is treated as a special kind of stun gun. It works with electrodes that are attached to lengthy wires. When triggered, the electrodes are launched towards the attacker. A major benefit in using the Taser is that people who are 15 to 20 feet away can be stun. And, the only problem with the Taser is that you will be allowed to make only one shot. Taser guns used by government officers and police forces are paired with an identification system. In fact, every shot made by these individuals are recorded in a computer system.

Stun Gun Vs TASER®: Usage!

The key difference between stun gun vs TASER® would be the way in which current gets delivered. Both these devices are safe and used to cause temporary discomfort/pain. They can be used to incapacitate individuals for a very short period of time. The kind of device you wish to invest on depends on how far you would be from the attacker. With a stun gun, you can attack several times. However, you should be fairly close to the attacker. On the other hand, the TASER® device restricts the user to a single shot but you can be as far as 20 feet from the attacker. The idea to invest on non-lethal devices like the TASER® and the stun gun is wise. After all, these are approved devices that can help you protect yourself.