Police 30,100,000 Super Bright Flashlight Stun Gun Review

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3.8/5 on May 16, 2016

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  • End probes with safety cap
  • Wrist band and non slip rubber case
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • 30,100,000 LED flash light which is very powerful
  • Security button for preventing accidental powering
  • Glass breaker at the end
  • Emits scary loud sound from pulsating current
  • Capacity to give a strong jolt of electricity to the attacker while rendering him immovable


  • Nothing is said about the warranty of the product
  • So much of features had to compromise with the size of the product, and hence it is not too small


The Police 30,100,000 Super Bright Flashlight Stun Gun Rechargeable, priced at $18.99 is a great buy at the price with so many fantastic features. The police brand LED light so high powered, the safety cap and the end probes, and the wrist band and anti slip rubber cover, are all great additions to a stun gun. Besides the accident prevention lock button is a smart feature which many stun guns do not have. The glass breaker end is also a nice addition, thus making the stun gun a great pick for the price. The only compromise is the size which is not too small, but loaded with so many features that is again countered well.

The Police 30,100,000 Super Bright Flashlight Stun Gun Rechargeable is a complete safety product in itself, as it offers safety for use and safety to the user. The police branded stun gun comes with a super strong LED flash light, and has some nice features like glass breaker end, safety cap etc.

Features of the Police 30,100,000 Super Bright Flashlight Stun Gun

The best features of the police stun gun are as follows:

  • Great power to scare away attacker by mere sound of the bolt on air gunning
  • High power electric jolt immobilizes attacker instantly, and creates body imbalance for moments
  • Very high power torch light, of 30,100,000 luminescence acts as a great illuminator
  • Front probes to penetrate deep into attacker’s thick cloths
  • Anti slip rubber coating
  • Safety cap to keep user safe from accidental shock
  • Button to prevent accidental activation, and quick use technology
  • Glass breaker backside to help in intense situations
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Wrist strap and carrying case provided for easy mobility

Product Description

The Police 30,100,000 Super Bright Flashlight Stun Gun is a police brand stun gun to scare away attacker and safeguard the user in multiple ways. The end probes are to reach deep to the attacker body for jolting. But there is a safety case to guard the end. The strong sound of the pulsating electricity and the strong bolt to the attacker are gear ways of defending. Besides, there is a glass breaker at the end, to break through glass in intense difficult situations.

Another addition is the safety button which prevents accidental firing of the gun. Again this button can be deactivated and the gun can be brought to use very soon when needed. The LED flash light is one of the strongest things in the stun gun, and this high intensity light illuminates at 30,100,000.

The rechargeable battery makes it maintenance free, and the carrying case and the wrist strap are added advantages, thus making it very easy to carry use and operate.

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