Metal Police 78 Million Volt Stun Gun Review

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4.7/5 on June 6, 2016

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  • The device is comfortable to use and carry around. It is sized perfectly and can be whipped out during tough times effortlessly.
  • The safety gear comes with a belt loop and a little holster.
  • The device has a bright flashlight that can affect anyone’s eye (especially in the strobe mode). Also, the flashlight turns on with just a press of a button.
  • The fore-bonding crackle of this device is sharper and deeper. It’s 3rd arc of electric discharge can be very intimidating.


  • Assembling and using Metal Police is easy said than done. One needs supervision to understand how the stun gun works.

Metal Police 78 Million Volt produces a loud crackle that can be deafening. Most users deem this as a major drawback of the device


On the whole, Metal Police 78 Million Volt has proved to be a reliable device for safety. As a tool for self-defense, Metal Police will help you combat all kinds of people. Rough or tough, far or near – this device is designed to serve a pristine purpose.

Metal Police 78 Million Volt stun gun is certainly a killer product in the industry. The need for efficient self-defense gears has increased significantly in the recent times. Many brands have come up with intuitive safety devices that can help you combat violent people easily. Metal Police 78 Million Volt Stun Gun Rechargeable Triple Mode is a perfect device with unique, protective features. The safety gear is designed with women, children and professional police forces in mind. Indeed, it is a wonderful device to defend yourself.

Key Features of Metal Police 78 Million Volt Stun Gun

Important features of Metal Police 78 Million Volt would be as follows:

  • The device has a powerful LED flashlight and a tactical head that can produce 78 Million Volts of electrical charge.
  • The safety gear comes with adjustable flashlight modes. You can adjust the brightness between low, high and flash.
  • Metal Police 78 Million Volts is sized greatly at 7.5 x 1.75 inches. Regardless of how big or small your hands are – the device is easy to handle.
  • The stun gun is designed with rechargeable and built in batteries. The recharger is neatly built inside the gun’s smooth body.

Product Description

As a self-defense tool, Metal Police 78 Million Volt Stun Gun provides police officers and commoners a tactical way of handling trouble. The stun gun has a neat police style design. It’s long lasting battery capacity and lengthy charging cable helps users rely on the device at all times. Its aircraft aluminum casing gives the safety gear a sturdy look and grip too! Manufacturers have separated the stun gun and its flashlight neatly. That is why people of all age groups and different levels of experience with stun guns find the device easy to use and handy. Some states have restrictions on how Metal Police 78 can be used. Before you buy the safety gear, make sure you understand more about your area’s rules and regulations.

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