How to use the Stun Gun


You might be reading this article because you are unaware of how to use a stun gun. A lot of people tend to invest on pricey stun guns and fail to use it the right way. There will be a time when such people fail. Unlike many other devices, the stun gun should be used properly. This is why you should understand more about the device and learn how to use it. Knowledge about the device will make you more confident when you have to handle it alone. The next few lines will give you a quick walk through few basics to get your started with a stun gun.

Understand the Stun Gun

First of all, you should be familiar with the gun and its options. Scan through all information provided with the gun. These details will help you recognize and use the gun’s features better. For instance, figure out where the on/off button is. Likewise, you should locate the trigger, safety switch, disable pin and other features of the stun gun. Next, learn how to hold the device. The stun gun should be held properly before you use it. Never touch the gun’s metal contact probes. In general, stun guns are used to paralyze the body using high voltage and low amperage. These electrical signals can interrupt communication between the muscles and brain for a predestined time.

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Practicing the Device

Once you understand how to hold the device, you should test it completely. Start by placing your fingers and body taser gunaway from the metal contact probes. This is where you turn the safety switch off. Next, press the trigger! This will fire electric charge through the metal contact probes. Electrical charge would flow as long as the trigger is held. In order to stop firing, you must release the gun’s trigger. If you are using the stun gun for the first time, hold the trigger and fire in one to two second intervals. Once you complete firing, turn on the safety switch. As mentioned previously, the metal contact probes shouldn’t be touched for at least 10 minutes after firing.

Using the Device

While using the stun gun, you should aim the metal contact probes against the attacker. The best spots to target would be the torso and neck. Some police officers tend to target the groin, under arm, upper hip and upper shoulders. These are important nerve centers that can affect the entire body. Nonetheless, the stun gun works on all body parts. The stun gun has to be held against the attacker between three and five seconds. If the attacker is large, you should hold it few seconds longer. This will keep the attacker away and give you adequate time to run/get away. One might wonder if current would flow through anyone who touches the attacker. Luckily, current doesn’t flow between individuals with a touch.

At all times, you should practice the stun gun properly. Also, carry the gun in a convenient and safe spot. Make sure you can access it and store it effortlessly.

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