Georgia Allows Stun Guns in Public Universities and Colleges


ATLANTA — Starting from Friday, students of public universities and colleges in Georgia will be permitted to carry stun guns legally for the first time.

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The bill was sponsored by Buzz Brockway, state representative of R-Lawrenceville. He informed Lori Geary of Channel 2 that the allowance is being made for the sake of safety.

Brockway revealed that at the time of the session he was being called by students, particularly from the state of Georgia as 3 robberies were committed in the library during the session itself. Many students called to enquire whether they could have one immediately.

The use of electroshock weapons is prohibited in most campuses but Brockway has announced that those policies Ladies Stun Gun 21 Million Voltwill be outdone by this new state law.

The campus carry bill was vetoed earlier in 2016 by Gov. Deal, and it would have permitted licensed gun owners to carry guns to campus, leaving sporting events, sorority houses, fraternities and dorms.

Any person 18 years or above or enrolled at present in a public college is permitted by Georgia HB 792 to bring a stun gun to any spot on campus.

Charlie Sutlive , spokesman of the University System of Georgia, gave a statement to Lori Geary, which mentions that the institutions know of HB 792 being effective from the first of July. He also mentioned that the university is directly working with the safety departments and police chiefs on campus to prepare for the law coming to effect.

The chief of police of the Georgia University system has alerted all public safety directors on campuses about the change in law with a memo.

Ashley Flagg, a student at Georgia Gwinnett College, told Geary that she will not bring a stun gun for fear it would be used on her instead. But she also said it was ultimately about student rights and in cases where students feel threatened on college campus they should have the permission to bring it.

Another student at the same institution, Chelsea Jackson, said that she did not want stun guns to be allowed. She said that it gives students an excuse to indulge in violence whenever they want.  If anyone is having a bad time and ends up stepping on someone’s toe or pushes someone in the hallway, it could be wrongly used against him or her.

But Brockway said that he felt they could count on the wisdom of students and their ability to ensure their protection.

On Friday, the law comes into effect.

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